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Mar 2nd at 7PM / tagged: big sean. caption this. / 76 notes

Caption This!
Example: Asshole then, a bigger dick now…don’t believe me? BITCH LOOK DOWN!
What’s YOUR caption?

Caption This!

ExampleAsshole then, a bigger dick now…don’t believe me? BITCH LOOK DOWN!

What’s YOUR caption?

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    Big Sean x “Cement” III’s
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    my baby .
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  17. ackates answered: based
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  21. vonjoviee answered: What’s the question.. lol Im confused
  22. barkwithnobitee answered: Fuckk You Doinn?
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    B.I.G Sean Don…….. Bitch
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    I aint afraid to wipe muh shyt out!!!
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  31. tht-onenikkajuicebox answered: Big nut bust!
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    she just want a long dick, i put it in her mouth and now that bitch look like a conehead.
  34. chocolateflavoredlipstick answered: wanna “rap” ya lips around a golden mic lol
  35. 2peasinatripod answered: I’m SuperBad, Your girl probably doodling my dick!
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  37. christinahereafter answered: "I need less friends more bread, less talk mo’ head."
  38. sashapadasha answered: Im super bad yo girl prolly doodling ma dick lol
  39. ashxjones answered: I wake up with a hard dxck and the bitch yu was dreamin about.!
  40. ambiti0usambiti0n answered: "an to get where im at i make her suck 100 dicks"
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  44. sophfia answered: Bitch I’m 10 feet tall when I’m standing on top of my dick
  45. babykarim answered: "Fuck ;the mic outgrew me’"
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  47. tylerthecurator answered: luh-luh-look down. tell me how i look now. luh-luh-look down. BITCH LOOK DOWN!!

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